Get It Done – July 2019

Let’s review June.

For June:

1) Finish quilting ORL – DONE! Although I am considering doing additional quilting, just to make my life more “interesting” aka: crazy

2) Finish border for A-mazing – ALMOST DONE – I’ve made the borders but only attached 2 of them.

3) Hand piece some more of Tea Leaves – DONE – this was the easiest goal, because I’ve really wanted to do handwork.

4) Make some more collage pieces for the shop. – DONE – if by more, you mean one.

Happily, I have managed to get my goals almost completely finished. But we’re already a third way through July and I haven’t even decided on what goals to try for, let alone actually finish any! Yikes!

We better make this easy.

For July:

1) More work on Tea Leaves

2) Another collage (since, hooray! I sold my first piece!)

3) Bind ORL

4) (Decisions, decisions, I can’t make up my mind) I should like to get A-mazing quilted, but I might want to finish piecing my fall double nine patch. Or I might find something else that I really want to do, so I’m going to fill in this goal later. Suffice to say I am going to work on one other project this month!


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