Finishing Good Fortune

I’m finally getting around to finishing the edge of Good Fortune. I decided to fold the backing over to the front instead of making a separate binding. This may not last as long as a double-fold binding, but it is quick and easy. So there you have it.

While I was sewing yesterday, a new neighbor saw what I was doing and seemed very interested. Actually, this neighbor was asking some very good questions about quilting. I, of course, was happy to teach someone new about my passion. So, now I have a new quilting convert who, and I quote, “needs something to keep me occupied.” No worries there! If you get hooked on quilting, you’ll always have something to do!! 😉

But here’s the kicker – this is the first person of the MALE persuasion that I’ve met that has been seriously interested in quilting. To me it is a novel sensation to have a man be anything more than politely interested.

In my experience (which is, admittedly, narrow) men tend to roll their eyes when I attempt to elaborate on my hobby. Which is really frustrating, since they tend to talk for hours about their hobbies (hunting, sports, fishing, etc, etc) until I want to run, screaming, from the room!!

So, I am enjoying the novelty of this whole situation and luring another quilter to the fold.


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