This Is So Me Right Now

I have pieces of Good Fortune on the “design floor” and on the sewing cabinet. There is the table runner on the floor next to my recliner. Scraps cover just about every horizontal surface in the sewing room, not to mention all the works in progress that are in boxes piled in every corner. Oh, and some other projects draped over the frame of the fun quilter!!

Goodness I have a lot of ideas lying around!!

I think I need a play date with my QFFS so that I can complete a few of my ideas. Doesn’t a whole day of creative play seem like a wonderful idea!?!

Now I just need to figure out when, in my crazy schedule, I can fit in a whole day of creative play!!

Any ideas? Please share them in the comments. Thanks in advance.


One thought on “This Is So Me Right Now

  1. Hmmm. We’ll have to look at our schedules. Maybe soon . . . I would even like it to be longer than that. Think we can carve out more time in our busy lives?


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