Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

I really did do Bonnie’s mystery quilt. I tried earnestly to resist the temptation (honest, I did try!) but I have very little will power when it comes right down to it.

I kept up with all the clues, despite all the hoopla over the holidays. So all my units are ready to be assembled.

I toyed with the idea of making this a little bigger – Bonnie finished her quilt at, what I would consider, a large throw size. It’s not quite big enough for a queen bed. But I’ve decided to keep it just the way Bonnie made it. After all, large throws are nice to have when you’re resting in front of the idiot box in the evening. Besides, I don’t want to make more work for myself, when I’ve already got a long list of projects!

The final reveal was posted on Friday and I’ve been seeing quite a few completely assembled flimsies. What the heck!?! I thought I was really cooking with gas, fitting in sewing between everything else I had to do this weekend. And I haven’t even got all the blocks put together!!

I’ll just keep reminding myself that this is not a race and be happy with my much slower progress.

Be sure to click HERE to go to Bonnie’s blog and see what eveyone else is doing.


2 thoughts on “Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

  1. I thought I was keeping up with the steps pretty good too. Then Pop! The reveal happened. I got half the blocks done so far. Yours is looking great.


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