What a Coincidence

This weekend I just wanted to do a little mindless sewing. And just to change it up a little bit, I thought I’d use some green fabrics. I never even looked at the clue on Bonnie’s blog on Friday. 😉 But wouldn’t you know, she had the same idea as me!!

I really, really don’t need to start another project right now. I even have a list of very good reasons why I shouldn’t be participating in this year’s mystery.

So, I am not going to do it. Nope! Nope! Nope!

My friend, Barb, has been trying to help me be strong and stick to my resolution. She’s a very good friend. I text her whenever I feel weak and think I’m going to give in. Thank goodness she is there to talk me away from the edge!! Without her, I probably would have jumped in right at the beginning!!

Just because my little bit of sewing happens to look very similar to what Bonnie has done as a clue for her Good Fortune mystery quilt, does NOT mean that I am joining in the mystery!

But click HERE to go to Bonnie’s blog and see what the people that are participating are doing.


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