I Am Not Doing Bonnie’s Mystery Quilt

Seriously, I have way too many projects started. There are 30 quilts in various stages of not-quite-completion in the studio right now. I do not need to make it 31!

And six of them are Bonnie quilts. And three of those are previous mystery quilts!! For goodness sake, I really need to finish a few of these projects!!

Winston Ways
Carolina Christmas
Talking Turkey
A-mazing in Red (I think it’s based on Bonnie’s Bedford Beauty pattern)

Plus, I’ve still got Celtic Solstice, On Ringo Lake and Allietare to finish.

I’ve enlisted the help of one of my dearest friends to help me resist the temptation. Any time I feel myself starting to get the itch to start the mystery, I text her and she urges me to be strong.

There’s been a tune in my head since the release of the first clue – “Jesus Loves Me” because of one of the lines in the song – “I am weak, but he is strong”

As I’ve said, I am not starting another mystery quilt right now. But I did do a little sewing over the weekend. Just because these are the same size units as the mystery quilt and there are approximately the same number of units that Bonnie told us we would need for the first clue and I have them done in time to link to Bonnie’s blog, does not mean that I am starting another mystery quilt!! For all anyone knows these could be to finish one of the 30 projects that I already have.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

BTW – did I ever mention what state I live in?

It’s DENIAL!! 🙂


PS – I almost forgot to link to Bonnie’s. Click on the link to see what everyone else is doing. And don’t think that I am doing the mystery just because me pieces look similar to all the others!!

blog http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2018/11/mystery-monday-link-up-and-cyber-monday.html

6 thoughts on “I Am Not Doing Bonnie’s Mystery Quilt

  1. Not doing the mystery? Fat chance. I have a large closet full of started projects and I’m not admitting to how many unstarted kits I have. Not letting that stop me. I started the mysteries with 2012 Easy Street. Just finished Ringo Lake a couple of weeks ago. Will take it to the quilter tomorrow, I hope. En Provence is still in pieces ’cause I screwed up a step. Others are finished.

    I love the block at the top with the fox in the middle. And the red and white top looks great. Keep up the good work!


  2. Gurl! We’re in the same boat! This is my first Mystery Quilt, and I REALLY do not need to be starting yet another new project, but here we are. Because that’s what we do. I’m learning to give myself a little (a lot) of grace and doing what makes me happy. Sometimes you just need that little boost to your spirit.


  3. What state do you live in….LOVE THAT! Quilting is therapeutic. Seams like you have a cause/effect going on, nothing wrong with that. It seams to be working well for you. That fox block is wonderful! Sew on sister!


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