Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Once again we’ve been able to share a Thanksgiving dinner with family. There were 33 humans, including my children and their SOs, all of my grandchildren and some of their SOs, my mom, my siblings, nieces and nephews, some cousins, my BIL and my aunt. We would have had 36, but Kerrigan had to work, Partri ran into icy road conditions and didn’t want to take the risk, and Skyler (friend of DGC#4) decided to go hunting instead of sharing food with us. We missed each of them very much.

I want to thank everyone that helped pull this together and a special thank you to LB for all the signs for the food, so everyone would know what we were eating.

After feasting for a few hours, we talked, played games, talked, had drinks, talked, listened to DS#3 sing some of his original music and then talked some more.

Around midnight the party started to wind down. Some of the local family went home. Overnight guests went to their various accommodations. Four of the DGC stayed overnight, camped on the floor with all my quilts!

This morning everyone that stayed here (16 all together) had breakfast and then those that had to travel got on their way. My grandchildren stayed to help clean up and then we watched movies and lunched on leftovers.

I am so thankful for my wonderful family and I hope to be able to spend many more Thanksgivings with them all.


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