Get It Done – October 2018

Here it is – the middle of October already. How does the time fly so quickly!?!

Well, they say that time flies when you’re having fun and I was doing a lot of that! I spent all of September playing with my Long and Winding Road quilt and that was a lot of fun!

My goals for September were:

  1. Finish the hand sewing for L&WR – DONE! all of the winding roads were needle turn applique, which took quite a few hours to do.
  2. Finish making the backing strips for L&WR – DONE! I used all my 1930 reproduction strips and strings to make the backing, this was in response to a challenge from my quilt group to make a string quilt.
  3. Layer and quilt the applique pieces and the backing strips for L&WR – DONE! I got all eleven strips quilted and sewn together with the sashing strips.
  4. Bind the L&WR – I didn’t get this done in September. I had to hand sew the sashing strips on the back of the quilt before I could attach the binding.

Not too bad, I had almost everything finished. I really wanted to get this quilt done, since I wanted to put it into our quilt show. Sue (our president) said I could hang it even if it wasn’t completely finished, but I really didn’t like that idea.

So, for October I want to:

  1. Finish Long and Winding Road (I did – I won’t leave you in suspense all month!)
  2. Make an Autumn table runner; I have one specifically for Thanksgiving, but I “need” one for all the rest of the Autumn season.
  3. Clean the studio!!! It is a total disaster area in there! And it’s starting to spill over into other rooms. This must be done!
  4. Cut scraps – L&WR generated a lot of little bits and pieces and I couldn’t keep up with it last month; there is a significant pile of scraps to cut into usable pieces.


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