Get It Done – September 2018

Due to a number of reasons I managed to skip August completely.

1)  Pickin in Parsons Bluegrass Festival – parsons stage

The festival started on July 31, so I wasn’t even thinking about things that needed done in August!! DH and I had a wonderful time at the Festival – The music was out of this world fantastic. John and Joyce Bowers do an amazing job of making it seem like it all happens with no effort at all (even though we all know it takes a tremendous amount of effort!!!) They deserve every award they can get!

2) I had bronchitis – this started on the first day of the festival, which was very disappointing for me!! But thanks to some very helpful local medical personnel, I was feeling better, if not 100%, in a short amount of time. But, boy, was I worn out when all was said and done. I kept pushing myself to go over to the stage each day, since I didn’t want to miss the music. When, what I should have done, was drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest. I did manage to do that the week after the festival was over

3) Once the festival was over and I had caught up on all the rest I needed, I had to try to keep up with all the work that I hadn’t done for a few weeks. I’m finally at a point where I don’t feel quite so frazzled and can actually think about some quilting goals again.

So let’s review:

For July I want to:

  1. Do all the cutting prep for my “Snake” quilt.  (I need to come up with a better name for this project!!!) – DONE and DONE! I cut all the pieces and I’ve decided to call it “The Long and Winding Road”
  2. Finish the Lozenges quilt and get the fox quilt to the flimsy stage. – DONE and NOT DONE – I finished Lozenges, entered it in the local fair and won a 3rd place ribbon!! The Fox quilt is still in pieces, albeit the smaller pieces have been joined to make larger pieces!
  3. Cut more scraps – DONE – I’ve, at the very least, managed to keep up with any scraps I generate when cutting for other projects. I still need to buckle down and get some of the boxes and bags cleaned out that have been accumulating for years!
  4. Make one more Tea Leaves circle – NOT DONE – The Long and Winding Road requires quite a bit of hand sewing, so I haven’t done MORE hand sewing.

Well, I made some progress, so I won’t complain too much!!

For September I want to:

  1. Finish the hand sewing for L&WR
  2. Finish making the backing strips for L&WR
  3. Layer and quilt the applique pieces and the backing strips for L&WR
  4. Bind the L&WR

(Does anyone get the idea that I want to finish this quilt!?!)



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