Movie Marathon

scary movie marathon

What’s a wonderful thing to do on a chilly but pleasant Sunday afternoon? All the darling grandchildren decided that it would be a great thing to watch a marathon of scary movies!

I fixed pizza and snacks for the masses. Then everyone got comfortable with pillows and quilts and settled in for long day of suspense and screams.

DGC and the SMM

Since that is definitely NOT my favorite genre, I decided to play with my modern quilt experiment. I was in the sun room – right next to the living room, so I could keep an ear and partial eye on the proceedings. DH was in the room with the all the DGC so he got to “enjoy” all of the movies!

At some point about halfway through the marathon everyone started making fun of all the crazy things that were happening – you know, how the bad guy never dies no matter how many times he’s shot/stabbed/crushed/burned etc. And how he always knows exactly where his victims are no matter how fast they run/drive/fly etc.

While in my happy place, I could still hear a lot of the goings-on and, of course, the music that always indicates that someone is going to die. So I would shout out, “Oh no! Here comes the tricky part!!” One of the DGC remarked how amazing it was that, even though I wasn’t even watching the movies, I knew when something would be about to happen. If only real life had a soundtrack so that I could be forewarned about impending disaster!!!

Speaking of impending disaster – it’s the last day of the month and if I don’t get all the invoicing done, there will be a need for ominous music to start playing!!


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