Get It Done – April 2018

Get Things Done

I really need to remind myself to “Just Do It” when it comes to my goals each month. Sometimes I have all the good intentions in the world, but I just don’t get on the ball and do it!

But that isn’t the case this time!!!

I did pretty well with the follow through for my March goals.

For March I wanted to:

1) Buttonhole stitch on the leaf and stem units for the Hospice quilt. There are 50 of them, so that should keep me busy for a while! – DONE!! I have all 50 done. Now we can  get started on putting all the blocks together.

2) Assemble all the blocks for the fox quilt – Not quite. I have finished almost all the units that make up the blocks, but I have not assembled those units into any blocks.
3) Leader/Ender the above with units for the Sister’s Nine Patch – DONE! I had red and neutral strips that I sewed together in between making the units for the fox quilt. This is an image from Pinterest to show what the finished quilt might look like. This quilt was made by Debbie Bunch.

Sisters Nine Patch
4) I have a big bag of vintage fabric pieces that I’d like to sort, press and then be able to use some time. – DONE! I had a lot of fun sorting all the vintage pieces and deciding what I would do with them all.


I now have, at least, three more projects to work on!! I also knit five dishcloths throughout the month of March (extra credit!!)

Okay, quickly, here are the goals for April.

  1. Set up work days to get the Hospice quilt finished to the flimsy stage.
  2. Do the long arm quilting on my friend’s cousin’s quilt so that I can send that back to her.
  3. Continue cutting scraps into usable strips and squares.
  4. Make one Tea Leaves circle – I want to make some progress on this quilt since it’s been in the works for a number of years. This month I’m only going for one circle, but I may increase the amount in future months.

There you go, four new goals. Send me some positive energy so I can get them all accomplished! And leave a comment to tell me if you are setting any goals.



One thought on “Get It Done – April 2018

  1. I found you! I LOVE the new blog! A great look with your journey in life right at the top on the map of America which always begins at home. I’ve decided to try to set goals for myself similar to what you do but maybe not as many because I seem to be wandering from one “need to get done right now” project to the next crisis of “OMG I only have ___ (this many) days to get something done.” I would much rather reduce the stress and have the deadline projects actually done before I’m trying to walk out the door to deliver it. Really takes the fun out of it. I have two deadline quilts to finish by mid-May and one prom dress to hem 😦 . #1 Small wall hanging for the Quilt Guild Challenge due May 10; #2 Vintage quilt to repair and return by May 10, #3 Hem prom dress by May 12. Let’s get this journey started!


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