The Bag of Treasures

Some people have different definitions for treasure. Today, my definition is a bag full of wonderful vintage fabric.

The red bag of scraps

Some time ago, my dear QFF Bev, gave me a bag of vintage fabric scraps. She is not “into” 30’s fabric and knew that I was. So she gifted me with the red bag shown above. I did look through it, but never searched through it thoroughly. Today I took everything out and spread it on the table to decide what I am going to do with all my loot.

In this photo you can see that I have some Dresden plates, all assembled. They just need to be attached to a background fabric and have a center circle appliqued on and they would be ready for a quilt. There are sixteen, although two of them are slightly smaller than the others. I think I want to start playing with these pretty soon. In the zip lock bags are thousands of wedge pieces. Some are sewn together. I think they are for a double wedding ring quilt. That’s something on my bucket list, so I will have to get them sorted out and see if that is actually what they are for. To the left of the zip lock bags is a pile of smaller scraps, some of which are held together with thread. It seems as if those are that are held together would have been pieces cut for a block. But they are only the color part, there is no neutral tied with them. Also, in the upper right is one block sewn together. Underneath is a zip lock bag with some more of the center rings pieced together. It looks like a fun block to make.

In the second photo you can see the one butterfly block. You night not see that there is some staining on it, so I’m not sure what I would do with that. Also, there are envelopes with postmarks from 1936 that contain small squares of fabric. I didn’t do a close up of the one envelope. It is covered with doodles on the back and also a handwritten note that, I assume, the receiver of the note wrote about the sender, where she called her a naughty name! On the left of the photo is the beginning of a pile of larger scrap pieces, some of which match the small wedge pieces. And another zip lock bag of wedges, with a well worn cardboard template. If it was used to trace all three zip lock bags of wedges, it’s no wonder it is so worn!!

The third photo shows most of the larger pieces of fabric. By larger, I mean that some are roughly four inches square all the way up to possibly a fat eighth. Some might total a fat quarter, like the blue plaid in the very upper right and the gray with green flowers in the lower center. I’ll have to press them out to see just how big they are.

I’m going to sort through my loot today and start dreaming of more projects that I can start. Because, you know, I need some more things to do!!


One thought on “The Bag of Treasures

  1. Of course you need another project; we all do. How many I get completed is another thing but it is all fun and relaxing especially on a day like this.


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