Get It Done – March 2018

I guess I need to remind myself of that a little more frequently.

For February I wanted to:

1) Map quilt – finish quilting, do binding, attach a label and take a photo of the finished quilt. – DONE! – and, boy-o-boy, does it look nice! DH (darling husband) loves it.
2) Julie’s cousin’s quilt – press it, load on frame, do all the quilting, attach binding (cousin is going to finish binding by hand.) – NO – I have it loaded on the frame, but that is as far as I managed to get. Too many other things were taking priority over it.
3) On Ringo Lake mystery quilt – a completed flimsy – No – again, as much as I wanted to get this finished, I just had other things come up that I put ahead of this. I worked on it some more, but because I’m doing it a little differently than Bonnie, I had to make more units. So, the blocks are all done and a good portion of the sashing. I just have to get all of those components together.
4) Trim more scraps – DONE! – One thing I did prioritize was keeping things straightened up in the studio, so I did trim a fair amount of scraps.

For extra credit, I managed to knit 6 dishcloths and make the Valentine ornaments for my holiday tree.

March goals:

1) Buttonhole stitch on the leaf and stem units for the Hospice quilt. There are 50 of them, so that should keep me busy for a while!
2) Assemble all the blocks for the fox quilt
3) Leader/Ender the above with units for the Sister’s Nine Patch
4) I have a big bag of vintage fabric pieces that I’d like to sort, press and then be able to use some time.

I’m sorry there aren’t any photos attached. I’m working today and can’t access my photos right now. 😦


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