Winter Fun?

Yes, I’ve had enough of the winter weather. I’m ready for warmer temperatures and sunny days. But not everyone in the family agrees with me. There are a few that would like to see more snow. Crazy, right!?!

It’s all DH’s fault. He decided that he just had to have a snowmobile to play with!! He found a good deal on a used one. So now the DGChildren want to come and play in the snow. And they are very disappointed with the warmer temps and rain.

Here is DGC#2 taking the new (to us) toy out for a spin this past weekend.

Unfortunately for him, it started raining and the temps were above freezing, so all the snow was pretty much gone by the afternoon on Saturday. He stayed for the weekend, but there was no riding on Sunday. DGC#5 came to hang out with his cousin. Since the snow was gone, the snowmobile was put away and the side-by-side came out. DS#2 brought his RZR and everyone went for a long ride.

Everyone, except me. I decided to stay in and get some more quilting done on the Map quilt for Big Mo. Now that I have overcome my fear of ruler work, it’s moving along slowly and steadily. I’m hoping to have it finished before the end of the month. Send me some positive energy so I can reach that goal.


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