Off to Work I Go

Work day today. I was thinking of the Seven Dwarfs singing when I started this, but there are no decent video clips of it.

If it weren’t for my QFFs, I wouldn’t have anything to say. We were able to fit in a little time over the weekend for some sewing. Yay! Unfortunately, I did not take one single photo. So there is nothing to look at here.

We had another “beginning quilter class” this past weekend. Connie came to learn a few more tips and to make a reversible table runner for her daughter. She is doing so well as a beginning quilter and we love luring her into the quilting universe.

Bev worked on some really cute donation quilts. She completed one and almost had a second one finished. Her guild meeting is tonight (if I remember correctly) so she should have something to turn in. Yay!!

Barb was finishing the binding on one quilt and then cutting pieces for her “On Ringo Lake” quilt. I like her colors. Instead of the coral/melon she used yellows. It makes the blocks look so sunny and bright.

I finished webbing all of my “ORL” blocks, started sewing some of the blocks together, traced all the stems and leaves that need to be fused onto a background square for the Hospice 2018 quilt AND made a sewing machine mat for Bev.

We had a long discussion about fitting in time for our passion. I am very fortunate to have a very flexible schedule. Well, at least with Boss #1 – I can do work for him any time of the day or night. Boss #2 and #3 are a little less flexible, but they still can accommodate some changes on occasion. All of the flexibility with work also allows me to fit in a good bit of sewing/quilting time. Believe me, I appreciate how blessed I am. I may gripe and complain sometimes, but I do appreciate it!!

But sometimes, when work is crazy and life throws a whole lot more curve balls your way, it’s hard to fit in time for something that brings you a lot of pleasure. That’s when you need to get creative to carve out time for your passion. Even if it’s only fifteen minutes in a day, every little bit will add up. I encourage you all to MAKE time for your passion. You’ll be a happier person and that will make the world a better place.


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