Overcoming a Fear

I’ve been wanting to finish the Map quilt for Big Mo (the fifth wheel) but there has been this road block that I hadn’t been able to get past. Here is a photo of the quilt:

Notice all the piano key borders in it. There are keys around the map and then a second set of keys on the outside border. So here was the dilemma – I really thought that I should do stitch in the ditch for the piano keys. I just didn’t think that an edge to edge design would look as good. So I stalled because I know that ditch stitching is hard to do on a long arm. For it to really turn out reasonably well you need to use a straight edge to run the hopping foot next to. And I’ve not used any rulers with the quilting that I’ve done.

Then I finally convinced myself that I could do this. I have the rulers, I have half a brain, I was willing to have a finished quilt even if it isn’t “perfect” – all systems go!!

But where the heck did I put those rulers!?!

Arg! It took another week to find the rulers that I had set down “right here, where I won’t forget them.” I found them, but I had torn the studio apart to get to that point. So I had to reach a reasonable level of neatness before I could even think about using the Fun Quilter.

Finally, two nights ago, I bit the bullet and started doing some ruler work on the Map quilt.

Geez! That was easy!!!

I will have to say that it isn’t my most loved technique – it’s very tedious, with a lot of stop and starting. But it looks reasonably good and I’m finally getting this quilted!!! Finished is better than perfect!!

I’m sure if I practice more I will make less mistakes. I’ve actually got another flimsy to practice with, maybe I’ll find it easier as I improve my skills.

It’s the end of the month, so I need to get back to invoices for DH.


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