On Ringo Lake Progress

I have to keep reminding myself that every little bit of sewing will eventually lead to a finished quilt. Because, sometimes, it seems like I’m not accomplishing much at all.

I’ve been doing a few minutes in the early morning and a few minutes every now and again between cleaning house, office work and organizing the studio and a few minutes in the evening before I get too tired to do anything. And slowly the blocks are taking shape. I’ve got a stack of webbed blocks that need to be pressed:

By webbing, I mean there are nine units in each block. I have sewn them into three rows of three units with the thread still connecting the rows together. Then I can press them and sew the rows together for a finished block:

And the pile of units that still need to be webbed is going down:

I’m seeing so many pictures of finished On Ringo Lake quilts and I wish I could be one of them. But it will happen sometime, just not as quickly as others. It’s not a race, after all, so why hurry. Just enjoy the process.

That’s my self-encouragement for the day. Let me know if it helped anyone else!


2 thoughts on “On Ringo Lake Progress

  1. Since I haven’t done any of my own sewing for a while, at least I am encouraged by your progress. It makes my heart glad to see that my dear friend is accomplishing something 🙂


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