Wanting to Quilt, Having to Work

Darn Bosses! They keep expecting me to actually WORK when all I want to do is QUILT!! 😉

What’s even worse is that when I am at home, the studio is an absolute disaster area. So I really can’t quilt right now. Boo-hoo!

I have been working as diligently as possible to get the studio cleaned up. But it is a slow moving project. First I have to excavate through all the detritus from previous projects that is scattered over every surface. I make an attempt to put these things back where they belong as soon as I am finished with them. But sometimes most of the time that just doesn’t happen.

Once the surfaces are reasonably cleared off, I need to begin the deep cleaning that has been needing to be done since we moved into Peace House!!

What usually happens at this point is I start another project!! Because who wants to do any deep cleaning when you can quilt!?! Am I right!?!

Well, I’ve been forcing myself to do the deep cleaning. I’ve been moving boxes, dusting and vacuuming. Then going through all the contents of the boxes, sorting as I go.

It’s exhausting!!

But it is a process of self discovery. Things I have discovered about myself are:

1) Based on my sewing studio I could be a star on an episode of Hoarders! Thankfully the rest of my house isn’t so bad.
2) I buy and keep men’s shirts to cut into quilt pieces, but I don’t actually cut them into quilt pieces. This has got to stop!! Either cut them up and use the fabric or give them to the local thrift store so that someone else can use them!
3) I have multiple (many, many multiple) items to embellish art quilts. In the past three years I have made ONE art quilt. I either have to start actually making art quilts OR stop fooling myself and get rid of all the embellishments that are just sitting in the studio taking up space.
4) I should never, NEVER put anything in a “safe place where I’ll be able to find it when I need it” because I have still not found my Clover Mini Iron!! And I’m running out of places to look!

Okay, since I’m supposed to be working, I guess I better get back to it. I’m thankful for breaks, when I can type a blog post or check email or some other personal thing!!


2 thoughts on “Wanting to Quilt, Having to Work

  1. Cheryl, I have the very same problems. The sewing room cleaning is too, too much for me to deal with! I have avoided it for a month now, and I MUST get in there and do something!!


  2. Similar problems for me. I love scraps. My friends give me scraps, I saved a bin of scraps from the dumpster after the last quilt show, I have a years worth in baskets….and now I am pressing the jumbled mess and cutting into my scrap savers system. And all I want to do is sew……


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