Twas the Day After Christmas

I hope everyone had a marvelous day yesterday. We sure did!!

The snow started on Sunday evening, so we had a white Christmas. And, boy, was it cold!! The temps are supposed to stay well below freezing for the rest of this week.

I finished Mom’s quilt and I think she liked it:

It did turn out pretty nice, if I do say so myself!!

We had all but one of the darling grandchildren with us – which was chaotic and wonderful!!! Our oldest darling son couldn’t be with us since he works for the road department and had to be out because of the snow. But the other three were with us in addition to my darling brother-in-law and, of course, Mom. The boyfriend of DGC#1 joined us too – he is the one that took this photo (Thanks, Jed!):

Despite our agreement that DH and I were not going to get a lot of gifts for each other, here we are with some of the gifts we got for each other:

I’m sitting in my new portable rocking chair and he’s leaning against his new “Tailgater” grill, both to enjoy in Big Mo (our fifth wheel) I can’t wait to plan a trip!!

Today is the link-up for On Ringo Lake on Bonnie’s blog. This is where we can share our progress on the mystery quilt. Well, sad to say, I have made absolutely no progress. When the clue came out on Friday I saw more triangles and said, “Nope – not now.” I really didn’t have any time to sit down and sew, anyway. And, even if I had time, DH wanted all the sewing stuff put away (translation – all the bits and pieces, sewing machine and tools need to get pushed into the sewing studio willy-nilly, requiring a major excavation before I can get started again.)

So, I’ll link to Bonnie’s blog and you can enjoy what others have been able to do. Click HERE to go to for Bonnie’s linky party and click HERE to go to for Oh, Scrap!

Okay, now I’m going to insert a warning for all of the “On Ringo Lake” participants – I like to have a little fun trying to guess how the finished quilt will look. I’m usually always wrong about something because Bonnie is so creative and she’s very good at surprising us. But I like to guess. If you don’t want to guess and think that it would spoil the fun of the mystery, don’t read any further.

Now, for those that do like to try to figure out what the finished quilt will look like – here we go:

1) The finished size of the quilt is 75 x 90 (Bonnie told us that in the introduction) so that equals 6,750 square inches.

2) Clue #1 totaled 450 square inches – which would be approx. 6.5% of the finished quilt – At this point, I have no idea what we might be doing. There isn’t a way to divide the number of units that we had to make into an even number that makes sense to me. So, like any good detective, I’ll have to wait for another clue before I can try to deduce anything.

3) Clue #2 totaled 900 square inches – this is a little more than 13% of the finished quilt, which means we are approx. 19% complete. Clue #2 has 4x the amount of units as Clue #1, so there could be four unit 2 on each side of unit 1, which might make the beginning of a star block, like this:

4) Clue #3 totaled 1620 square inches – approx. 24% of the finished quilt. Now we are approx. 43% complete. I’m stumped for an idea of where we are going with this. Clue #1 gave us a certain amount of units to make. Clue #2 gave us 4X the amount of Clue #1. But Clue #3 is not divisible by either of those numbers. I am pretty certain that these clues are for separate parts of the finished quilt. Perhaps clue 1 & 2 are blocks and clue 3 is for sashing or a border. Or it could be part of a block, but the blocks will be set on point and some of the units will go into setting triangles.

So your guess is as good as mine right now!!

If I’ve done the math correctly (and it is a distinct possibility that I didn’t, so don’t hold me to this) we have used approx. 2.75 yards of coral fabric. The yardage requirement from Bonnie’s introduction was only a small amount more than that. Since she is usually pretty generous when she gives out the yardage, I’m going out on a limb and saying we’re finished with the coral.

5) Clue #4 totaled 981 square inches, approx. 14.5%. We are approx. 58% complete. Woo-Hoo! over half way there!! First I’ll share with you the math that came to me late at night. I believe that the blocks will be set on-point. There should be 30 of block A and 20 of Block B with 18 setting triangles. That would mean that we would use 1 clue #1 in each block, 4 clue #2 in each block, 8 of clue #3 in each Block A and 4 of clue #4 in each block and 1 in each setting triangle.

Sounds reasonable, right!?!

Well, it doesn’t work!! I tried laying out the pieces. I tried graphing in with my trusty pencil and graph paper. I’ve tried to figure out a number of different block lay outs. Nothing works!!!

My guess is that Bonnie is blocking her brain waves so that I cannot read her mind!! 😉

6) Clue #5 totaled 900 square inches, approx. 13% of the total area of the quilt. That means that we are approx. 72% complete. Not long now!!! Since I haven’t had anymore time for sewing, I haven’t got much to go on. It is possible that clue 5 units and clue 2 units will be paired together in the final blocks.

I’m going to really work to try and come up with some more ideas for next week.


9 thoughts on “Twas the Day After Christmas

  1. What an excellent idea to break things down into square inches to figure out how far we have come and how much further we need to go. My fingers cringe at counting math this high ;). Wonderful fabrics you have going on!


    1. I like trying to figure out what the finished quilt will look like. But I am really stumped this year. At least, with the math, I know how far we’ve come and how much more we’ll have to do


  2. I loved reading these deductions, and I’m sure that, like me, you can’t wait to see the reveal. I enjoy seeing all the various guesses that everyone has presented.


    1. I’ve been doing Bonnie’s mystery quilts since Easy Street. I have so much fun trying different block ideas. And then Bonnie surprises me each year!


  3. Looks like you had a nice white Christmas. I’m sure you will catch up with the mystery once you can get back to it. I’m stumped with how all these pieces go together, too! There is obviously something important Bonnie is saving until last to keep us guessing!


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