To Sliver Trim or Not To Sliver Trim

This question has been burning a hole in my brain. Mainly because I made the unusual-for-me decision to actually sliver trim while taking off all the little dog ears on clue 2 and 3.

This what my little table looks like:

And I wondered if all the extra effort is really going to be worth the aggravation. I have a pretty lacksidaisical philosophy about my quilts. If points don’t match perfectly, I usually don’t stress about it. Of course, I don’t usually make show quilts. I make cuddle quilts. Quilts you can wrap up in and settle down to read a good book in. Quilts to pile on the bed on a cold winter night.

Matching points don’t make a quilt any warmer or cuddlier.

So, while I spent hours of time trimming, I wondered how many others do this crazy thing.

Leave a comment and let me know – To trim or not to trim?


2 thoughts on “To Sliver Trim or Not To Sliver Trim

  1. IF you measure, cut and sew accurately (of course we all do, don’t we?) then there shouldn’t be any need to trim again. I find that slowing down during each step really makes things better. Life is too short to worry about being perfect on the back of a quilt. Bonnie’s instructions on checking seams really made a difference to the results. There are also people who insist on pinning 2” squares together before sewing—much too much work for me! Jill in Calgary/Phoenix


    1. I actually don’t take the time to do sliver trimming. Most of my units are so close to what they are supposed to be that it was really a time killer. I just wondered how many people felt compelled to do it or not.


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