ORL Clue #4 and a Few More

When I first saw the directions for this clue, I was about to throw in the towel. More Freakin’ Triangles!!! Don’t get me wrong, I like triangles. And, really, I haven’t had too much difficulty with all the triangles that we’ve been doing. But, come on! Can’t we just have something easy when it is this close to Christmas!?!

Okay, whining is not allowed, so I won’t say any more. And I managed to figure out how to make clue #4 without having to cut a boatload of triangles!!! Yay!!!

I explained this method in a previous post, but I’ll go over it again with the fabrics for ORL.

1) Determine the size of the square that is the base of your triangle. Go to Bonnie’s blog to get the size from her. But we’ll use “X” as the number of the square. Cut a strip of fabric that is “X” wide in the color that the square is supposed to be. Cut a second strip of fabric that is “X” +3/4″ wide in the color that the triangles are supposed to be.

2) Sew the two strips together lengthwise. Match two strip sets, right sides together and sub cut at “X” width. I used my Stripology ruler which made quick work of it.

3) Now sew the sub cut units together with the squares at opposite ends. I’m showing the back before it is pressed. If I leave it like that one of the units will have a seam pressed to the square instead of to the triangle. But there is an easy fix.

4) Clip the seam in the center so you can press one seam in one direction and the other seam in the opposite direction

5) To follow Bonnie’s instructions exactly, use an Easy Angle ruler ( or any other ruler that will cut the 45 degree angle required) to make the triangle units needed.

I am waiting to cut because it is possible that we will have to add a larger triangle to these units. And I’d rather add a large rectangle to these units and then cut once and have them already matched up. If that isn’t the case, it is going to be a very simple matter to cut them.

Click HERE to go to Bonnie’s Mystery Monday Link Up. Click HERE to go to Oh, Scrap!

Okay, now I’m going to insert a warning for all of the “On Ringo Lake” participants – I like to have a little fun trying to guess how the finished quilt will look. I’m usually always wrong about something because Bonnie is so creative and she’s very good at surprising us. But I like to guess. If you don’t want to guess and think that it would spoil the fun of the mystery, don’t read any further.

Now, for those that do like to try to figure out what the finished quilt will look like – here we go:

1) The finished size of the quilt is 75 x 90 (Bonnie told us that in the introduction) so that equals 6,750 square inches.

2) Clue #1 totaled 450 square inches – which would be approx. 6.5% of the finished quilt – At this point, I have no idea what we might be doing. There isn’t a way to divide the number of units that we had to make into an even number that makes sense to me. So, like any good detective, I’ll have to wait for another clue before I can try to deduce anything.

3) Clue #2 totaled 900 square inches – this is a little more than 13% of the finished quilt, which means we are approx. 19% complete. Clue #2 has 4x the amount of units as Clue #1, so there could be four unit 2 on each side of unit 1, which might make the beginning of a star block, like this:

4) Clue #3 totaled 1620 square inches – approx. 24% of the finished quilt. Now we are approx. 43% complete. I’m stumped for an idea of where we are going with this. Clue #1 gave us a certain amount of units to make. Clue #2 gave us 4X the amount of Clue #1. But Clue #3 is not divisible by either of those numbers. I am pretty certain that these clues are for separate parts of the finished quilt. Perhaps clue 1 & 2 are blocks and clue 3 is for sashing or a border. Or it could be part of a block, but the blocks will be set on point and some of the units will go into setting triangles.

So your guess is as good as mine right now!!

If I’ve done the math correctly (and it is a distinct possibility that I didn’t, so don’t hold me to this) we have used approx. 2.75 yards of coral fabric. The yardage requirement from Bonnie’s introduction was only a small amount more than that. Since she is usually pretty generous when she gives out the yardage, I’m going out on a limb and saying we’re finished with the coral.

5) Clue #4 totaled 981 square inches, approx. 14.5%. We are approx. 58% complete. Woo-Hoo! over half way there!! First I’ll share with you the math that came to me late at night. I believe that the blocks will be set on-point. There should be 30 of block A and 20 of Block B with 18 setting triangles. That would mean that we would use 1 clue #1 in each block, 4 clue #2 in each block, 8 of clue #3 in each Block A and 4 of clue #4 in each block and 1 in each setting triangle.

Sounds reasonable, right!?!

Well, it doesn’t work!! I tried laying out the pieces. I tried graphing in with my trusty pencil and graph paper. I’ve tried to figure out a number of different block lay outs. Nothing works!!!

My guess is that Bonnie is blocking her brain waves so that I cannot read her mind!! 😉

We’ll just have to keep on guessing.


4 thoughts on “ORL Clue #4 and a Few More

  1. I have a feeling that clue #3 might be used for a border if there are enough of them. It would look like a zig zag design. I don’t feel like doing the math and you are pretty good at that anyways. What do you think?


  2. Ooh interesting little bit of extra knowledge – thanks, I may have a go – have Stripology rulers and I love them! I’m quite a long way behind so anything easy will help a lot!
    Your units look great!


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