ORL and the Clue #3 Blues

Since Friday, there have been a series of struggles going on around here. Like I said yesterday, I was up bright and early for the release of Clue #3. But, oh no, there were a LOT of triangles that needed to be sewn onto the diamonds!! First struggle – overcome the temptation to throw my hands up and say,

I mean, seriously!?! After all those flying geese that we had to do from Clue #2!?!

Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but goodness that is a lot of triangles!!

So, after work, I decided I wanted to make these with as little waste as possible. I remembered from a previous mystery quilt that we could make a template that could be taped to the Easy Angle ruler to make it easier to cut the diamond pieces that we need. I made a paper template and started happily cutting the diamonds. Somewhere, in the midst of cutting, I thought to myself, “I better try sewing the units, to make sure that they are going to turn out the correct size.”

Second struggle – I’d cut everything a half inch too short. Lesson learned – be sure to include seam allowances when making a template (Duh!!!)

It was Saturday morning when I realized my mistake, but I had a number of things to do Saturday, so I didn’t fix my mistake until later in the evening. Then I ran out of time to do much cutting for the correct size, since I have learned through some hard knock lessons that I better not cut when I am getting sleepy.

Third struggle – Things to do!! On Sunday morning I was raring to go and cut just about all the pieces that I needed. But then there was church, an interruption, albeit a pleasant one. And then, after church was the Christmas dinner with all my pals from the Heritage Quilters group. Again, extremely pleasant, but it did keep me from getting the sewing done!!

It wasn’t until Monday evening that I was able to do some marathon sewing and get a large portion of the units sewn together.

As you can see, I have the two mirror image units finished – the ones I did to make sure I was now sewing at the correct size!! And then all around are units in various stages of completion. Some are fully sewn and just need pressed and dog ears trimmed away. Others need more sewing. And I was a few triangles short, so there is a little more cutting to do. But I shall endeavor to persevere.

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Okay, now I’m going to insert a warning for all of the “On Ringo Lake” participants – I like to have a little fun trying to guess how the finished quilt will look. I’m usually always wrong about something because Bonnie is so creative and she’s very good at surprising us. But I like to guess. If you don’t want to guess and think that it would spoil the fun of the mystery, don’t read any further.

Now, for those that do like to try to figure out what the finished quilt will look like – here we go:

1) The finished size of the quilt is 75 x 90 (Bonnie told us that in the introduction) so that equals 6,750 square inches.
2) Clue #1 totaled 450 square inches – which would be approx. 6.5% of the finished quilt – At this point, I have no idea what we might be doing. There isn’t a way to divide the number of units that we had to make into an even number that makes sense to me. So, like any good detective, I’ll have to wait for another clue before I can try to deduce anything.
3) Clue #2 totaled 900 square inches – this is a little more than 13% of the finished quilt, which means we are approx. 19% complete. Clue #2 has 4x the amount of units as Clue #1, so there could be four unit 2 on each side of unit 1, which might make the beginning of a star block, like this:

4) Clue #3 totaled 1620 square inches – approx. 24% of the finished quilt. Now we are approx. 43% complete. I’m stumped for an idea of where we are going with this. Clue #1 gave us a certain amount of units to make. Clue #2 gave us 4X the amount of Clue #1. But Clue #3 is not divisible by either of those numbers. I am pretty certain that these clues are for separate parts of the finished quilt. Perhaps clue 1 & 2 are blocks and clue 3 is for sashing or a border. Or it could be part of a block, but the blocks will be set on point and some of the units will go into setting triangles.

So your guess is as good as mine right now!!

If I’ve done the math correctly (and it is a distinct possibility that I didn’t, so don’t hold me to this) we have used approx. 2.75 yards of coral fabric. The yardage requirement from Bonnie’s introduction was only a small amount more than that. Since she is usually pretty generous when she gives out the yardage, I’m going out on a limb and saying we’re finished with the coral.


5 thoughts on “ORL and the Clue #3 Blues

  1. Not sure what the clues are about…a mystery quilt?

    I used to try to take part in sew alongs and they are so much fun, but this past year or so there is just no way I could keep up. I would be like your fuhgedaboutit image!


    1. Yes, it’s a mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. There is a link to her website in my post. I’ve done her mysteries for the past five years. I always have lots of fun and usually learn something new. I try to keep up with all the clues, but I don’t really stress over it too much – even though I kid about it a lot!! And I really like Bonnie’s patterns, I’ve loved every one that I’ve done.


  2. My calculations came out pretty much the same as yours, although I didn’t check how much coral fabric should be left.

    I been nearly at the “Forgetaboutit” stage a few times this week. These units have been a pain, but I’m hoping for something nicer in the next clue?


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