ORL Clue #1 and Then Some

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. I was told that the meal was delicious. And it seemed like everyone had a good time. All my children and grandchildren were here along with my extended family members. We got our tummies full and then talked well into the night. At some point in the wee hours of the morning the overnight guests turned in for a little bit of sleep. Our DGC#6 stayed overnight to play with her little cousin (let me think a minute – they would be third cousins, if I remember the genealogy rules correctly.) Then we had a big breakfast of buckwheat cakes and eggs before everyone had to get back on the road to go home.

Once DH and I put the house back into order, I had a little time for some sewing.

I got a little carried away making the little nine patches for clue #1 or Bonnie’s mystery quilt, On Ringo Lake.

Since the finished size of the quilt is supposed to be 75 x 90 and I would prefer a square quilt of 90 x 90, I thought I would make a few extra of each clue. But I went a little overboard with this one. Fortunately, I love these little units and I’m sure I’ll be able to find a use for any extras at a later date.

While I was finishing up with the nine patches, DGC#6, DD and DH decided to make some craft items. I didn’t get any pictures of DD and her craft, which was a birdhouse for a red headed woodpecker. But here is a plan she used.

DGC#6 wanted to make a sign for her room. So Papaw cut some pieces of wood for her to paint and DD gave her the paints. Once the paints were dry Papaw helped her nail things together.

Then he used a grinder to remove the points of the nails that came through the back. He wouldn’t have had to do that, if he’d used shorter nails – but I guess he didn’t have any on hand. And besides, it looked kinda of cool.

DGC#6 and her finished sign:

I think she’s pretty proud of herself, don’t you!?!

I’m linking with Quiltville.blogspot.com to see what everyone else is doing with their “On Ringo Lake” clues. It’s always fun to see what everyone is doing – their choice of fabrics, colors, etc. Click HERE to join in the fun.

I’m also linking up with Oh Scrap. Click HERE to see some ORL and some other scrappy projects.

Okay, now I’m going to insert a warning for all of the “On Ringo Lake” participants – I like to have a little fun trying to guess how the finished quilt will look. I’m usually always wrong about something because Bonnie is so creative and she’s very good at surprising us. But I like to guess. If you don’t want to guess and think that it would spoil the fun of the mystery, don’t read any further. 🙂

Okay, for those that do like to try to figure out what the finished quilt will look like – here we go:

1) The finished size of the quilt is 75 x 90 (Bonnie told us that in the introduction) so that equals 6,750 square inches.
2) Clue #1 totaled 450 square inches – which would be approx. 6.5% of the finished quilt – At this point, I have no idea what we might be doing. There isn’t a way to divide the number of units that we had to make into an even number that makes sense to me. So, like any good detective, I’ll have to wait for another clue before I can try to deduce anything.


2 thoughts on “ORL Clue #1 and Then Some

  1. Dinner was delicious and we had a great visit! Made it home safely and got caught up in traffic right out side of Columbus OH because of 3 accidents! Just finished getting my tree up today but still have a little bit more to do to complete the mantle on the fireplace and the lights for outside! Thanks again for everything you two are the best!
    Your granddaughter’s sign is very cool!


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