Get It Done – November 2017

Well, I wouldn’t call quilting an “unimportant” thing, but I did a lot of that over the weekend, which is why I haven’t posted my goals for the month until now. I kept telling myself that I was going to sit down and write this post. But then life got in the way. And then I had to do an extra day for Boss #2 today. So don’t tell him that I’m taking a few minutes away from him to write my goals!! (JK – he’s sitting right across from me as I’m typing!)

But I’m trying to do this quickly. In October I wanted to:

1) Get Mom’s floral quilt to flimsy – DONE!
2) Finish Blue and Cheddar – DONE!
3) Trim scraps – DONE!
4) Work on quilt that DH requested – DONE!

Sorry, no photos for now, but, YAY!! I did all of the things on my list!!!

For November, I’m going to:
1) Get the quilt that DH requested to the flimsy stage
2) Quilt Mom’s floral quilt
3) Trim scraps
4) Get prepared for the upcoming Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt – On Ringo Lake!!!!


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