All Kinds of Fall Fun

We’ve managed to get through another Autumn Glory Festival quilt show! The Heritage Quilters (my quilt group) put on a show each year. A lot of people did an enormous amount of work to make it come together. And it was fantastic.

I entered two of my quilts and received a lot of compliments on them:

I only helped with setting up and some of the taking down. We have family activities during Autumn Glory that prevent me from being there for the actual show.

So family and friends joined us at the cabin for a weekend get together. There was a long ATV ride planned, which I declined. Instead I stayed at the cabin and fixed a huge pot of bean soup and a couple loaves of homemade bread. Yummy!

Then everyone showed up – some (clean and tidy) came from the Autumn Glory festivities and others (covered in mud) from the ATV ride.

Five of the six Darling Grand Children (DGC)
DS#2 with his children – what a nice family picture!
DGC#1 and her boyfriend
Me and my BFF

The rest of the weekend was all about having fun with family and friends, eating, playing games and watching the fire. Sunday morning DS#2 fixed breakfast on the grill for everyone. Sausage, bacon, venison steak, eggs, toast – a cholesterol nightmare, but so delicious when cooked outdoors!!

In free moments (while the others were riding or before they woke up) I played with a project that has been on the back burner for a while:

Tea Leaves

This pattern goes by a couple names, but my templates call it Tea Leaves, so that is what I’m going with. I sat down and figured out what I need to do to make this a bed size quilt. I need 218 full circles and 14 partial circles. Each full circle has 18 pieces (12 leaves and 6 background) and they measure 6″ in diameter. I have 49 full circles finished and another 7 that are partially complete. I have a bunch of leaves basted and ready to be applied to backgrounds, but I don’t have any more backgrounds cut. I think this will still be a few years until I get it finished!!! But I think it’s going to be GORGEOUS when it’s done!!!

More sewing days is what I need – so all you quilting friends need to help me out – come visit and play with me as often as possible!!


2 thoughts on “All Kinds of Fall Fun

    1. Jeanine – that’s one of the few problems with grandchildren, they grow way too fast! Next time you’re going to be in the area, let me know, so we can try to get together.


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