Get It Done – October 2017

Here we are again. Time to review how we managed with last months goals. I hope all of you did better than I did this time. After a number of great months, where I accomplished all or almost all of my goals, this time is quite different.

For September:
1) Get another flimsy quilted and bound. – I finally took the time to decide which flimsy will go on the frame next. But that is all I did.
2) Finish blue and cheddar quilt. – I’m very close to finishing this, but I still have one side of the quilt that needs the binding hand sewn to the back. And, of course, a label attached.
3) Trim scraps. – DONE! I did manage to get a good bit of this done because I was trying to have my sewing studio cleaned up, so that I don’t have to work in such chaotic conditions.
4) Assemble floral blocks. – I did get a few assembled, but not all of them.

There was one reason that I wasn’t able to get all my quilting goals accomplished – my siblings and I had a surprise birthday party for our mom.

With all the cleaning and cooking before the party and the visiting with family and friends before, during and after the party and cleaning up and recovering from the party, I didn’t have a lot of time for quilting. But I think all the effort was worth it – I think we managed to surprise her and everyone seemed to have a good time!

And, even though I didn’t get all the blocks done, this is the floral quilt I’ve been working on:

I wanted to make a Friendship quilt for Mom to have as a remembrance of her special day. I tried to get everyone that was at the party to sign a block – I had managed to get the centers (where the signature goes) all ready beforehand. I was informed that I should have extra blocks in case people made mistakes with their signatures. And I thought it would be easier if I only made the centers, instead of the entire block. That way, if there were mistakes, I didn’t have to scrap the entire block (with all the attendant time and effort), just the center.

=Just got interrupted by a phone call=

I was going to share more about the party, but I’ve got to go take care of something for DH. So, quickly, for October:

1) Get Mom’s floral quilt to flimsy
2) Finish Blue and Cheddar
3) Trim scraps
4) Work on quilt that DH requested


One thought on “Get It Done – October 2017

  1. What a fun time we had and she was certainly surprised! And you certainly needed recovery time after all you did to make this say special for her. There’s always this month to catch up! Let’s see if we can get more sewing time in.


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