Grandma’s Quilt

Darling Hubby (DH for short) received a surprise today. His aunt had promised to bring him some tomatoes from her garden. But when she stopped by, not only did she have tomatoes and a bag full of other food, she also had this quilt for him.

I’m not very good at dating fabric, but I think this might be from the late 40’s or early 50’s. I’ll have to ask my fabric expert what she thinks.

This is the information I have about the quilt. It was made by DH’S grandmother on the treadle machine that is in my possession. Aunt GL says that Grandma used fabric from their clothing and the siblings would pick out the blocks which had their dress/shirt in it. One block has “Hull’s Victory” written on it. The backing fabric is flannel.

I was able to use my quilt display stand for the first time today. Too bad the lighting was so poor. I guess that will be the next thing I’ll have to purchase – some professional photography lights.


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