I’ve Got the Blues

Bluegrass fever that is! DH and I spent a wonderful week at the Pickin’ in Parsons Bluegrass Festival. My goodness, if you like bluegrass music, this is one great place to go! I cannot say enough good things about the owners/organizers (they do so much to help everyone have a wonderful experience) the venue (Five Rivers Campground – the stage, the covered pavilion, the camping!! All wonderful!) and the line-up (Wow! Just Wow!!!) We are definitely going to do this again!

But, of course, all good things must come to an end. It’s back to the same old grind – all these bosses of mine expect me to actually work for my paycheck! What is up with that!?!

I still plan on getting a lot of quilting taken care of this month, but right now I have to play catch up with work.


One thought on “I’ve Got the Blues

  1. Aww. Thank you for your kind words about Pickin’ in Parsons. I hope you can make it this year. We have a great time planned for July 31 – August 4th. Hope to see you soon!


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