Get It Done – August 2017

Another month has gone by and I’m still running a day late and a dollar short!!! I had every good intention of posting my goals yesterday and we know what the road to hell is paved with, don’t we!?!

Well, I didn’t want another day to go by, so even though there are a lot of other fun things to do, I made sure to sit down and have a chat with all my followers – all three of you!! HA!

As usual, this post is about the goals I set for myself for each month. I find that it does help me to get more done if I put them in writing for the “world” to see. Because then I want to be able to report that I actually did get my goals finished! It’s a mind game I play with myself!

Well, without further ado, here is what I managed in July:

1) Make label for Hospice quilt – I got that done! And the quilt has been given to the director at the local Hospice. It is displayed in their front office, where they will gladly sell raffle tickets for a chance to win!!

2) Start assembling the Blue and Cheddar quilt to have it ready for a demonstration at this month’s meeting – DONE! I had everything ready for the demo and managed to get through it with out stumbling too much!

3) Help Barb with the quilting on her Dahlia quilt – we may have to spend a few days together to get this done!!! DONE! It took us three days of intense, all day sewing to get this finished (well, to the quilted stage, Barb still needs to do the binding.) This is for her grand daughter, who picked all the fabric. She really likes teal. Barb quilted it in a simple edge to edge heart design. She did a fantastic job for a first time user of the Fun Quilter!

4) Trim more scraps into the scrap user system – DONE. I was going to qualify this, but I did do SOME – just not very much! But the goal was some, so I’m good!

I decided to take it easy on myself for July, since I knew that there were a lot of other things going on. August is another story!! I’ve got a pretty fair amount of free time and I plan on spending most of it quilting!!! So, here goes – my goals for August are going to be:

1) Finish the Pink and Brown D9P that has been a flimsy since sometime in 2012. It’s time to get quilted and bound!!
2) I’d really like to have the Blue and Cheddar quilt finished, too. That’s pretty ambitious, but I’m going to really try!!
3) Start work on a floral quilt that I promised myself I wanted to do. I actually did the cutting for it last week, but I’d like to have a fair start on the piecing by the end of this month.
4) Trim more scraps for the scrap user system (carefully worded so that even if I don’t do very much, I can still count this as done! 😉

There you have it. Four more goals to try to get finished by the end of the month. Be sure to comment and share any of your goals for August and we can compare our progress in September.


3 thoughts on “Get It Done – August 2017

  1. The Dahlia Quilt is finished and ready to leave with my granddaughter next week when she starts college (they just grow up too fast!). Thank you so much for helping me get it done. Only one goal a month will work for me so I’ve chosen to FINISH my hexie lap quilt that I started about 3 years ago. I have sewn all the hexie center together and have started to add the borders. It’s for covering up in my favorite chair so I’d like it done by September when I think I’ll need it. Hopefully I will get other things done this month, too. By the end of the month we’ll be down to one kid at home and she will be in school most of the day which will increase my sewing time. Yea!!


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