Get It Done – June 2017

The first day of June!! It’s time to, once again, review last month’s goals and then think about this month’s goals.

For May I wanted to do the following:

1) Assemble the 39 other blocks for the Blue and Cheddar quilt. – DONE!! For some reason, I don’t have a photo of the stack of blocks. But all 100 are assembled into block form!

2) Trim one more box of scraps – when I say one box, it is shoe box size. I have some scraps in large tubs – it will probably take more than one month to do one of those!! – DONE!! Well, I actually sorted thru a medium size Bath and Body Works bag of scraps. My reasoning was that a box is stack-able, but a bag is not. So it would make things look more orderly in the sewing studio if I eliminated the bag first.

3) Quilt one of the many flimsies that are patiently waiting to be a finished quilt. I can’t decide right now which one I want to finish, but I need to finish one!! – Sadly, No, I did not get quilting done. I did manage to decide which flimsy I wanted to work on and I got it, the batting and backing out, but I have not even loaded it on the frame yet. This is the one I’ve decided on. It’s been languishing in the closet since 2012! It’s time it was finished!!

4) Get the last corner of the Hexie quilt finished!! – DONE!! Hurrah! Hurrah! I’ve finally finished all the hexies. Now it just needs borders! I’ve got one section of border sewn on – I’m appliqueing the hexies to the border fabric.

Well, pooh! I’ve been trying to add a photo of the hexie quilt for about a half hour now, and it won’t load. I’ll try again next time I post.

In June I’d like to do the following:

1) Layer and quilt the Blue and Cheddar blocks. I’m doing this quilt with a QAYG technique (mostly because I have a lot of batting scraps and want to use them all up)
2) Trim another box (or bag) of scraps
3) Quilt the above referenced flimsy.
4) Finish the borders on the hexie quilt.

There you have it. If anyone would like to join in with my Get it Done deal, leave a comment with the goals you are setting for June. I’d be happy to know what everyone else is doing.


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