Oops! I did it Again

One result of all this scrap cleaning-up is I am realizing just how much fabric I have!!!! My stash is really and truly HUGE!! And I’m trying to pare down and get projects finished. So why in the world would I even set foot in a store that sells fabric. Because, let’s face it, I have absolutely no will power whatsoever!!!

But that is what I did the other day – willingly walked into a store that sells fabric and then browsed through the fabric, because, you know, I was just LOOKING. I already have enough fabric to last me until the end of days, so I didn’t need to buy any MORE fabric!!!

Yeah, right!

I spotted this fabric and just could not resist!!

I love foxes and when I saw this fabric I immediately saw the quilt that I could make with it.

So, not only did I buy more fabric, I also have another project to add to my list.

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me.

But if quilting this is wrong, I don’t want to be right!!


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