RV Quilting

I’m finally getting my quilting studio set up in the fifth wheel. Woo-Hoo!!!

This gives you an overview of what it looks like. On the right you can see a corner of the cutting station. Right now there is just a temporary folding table. DH wants something more substantial there. Some sort of cabinet so there will be storage for odds and ends. And I would like it counter height, so that I can stand comfortably while I am cutting.

In the corner is our compact washer, so I don’t have to go to the laundromat to wash our clothes. I can put a load in and then do some sewing!! Yay!!

Under the window is my sewing table. There is just enough room to piece happily all day long!

And finally, at the dinette is my ironing station. It is a multi use area. Dining room when we want to sit down inside to eat. Ironing station when I am piecing. And office area when I need to use the computer (like I am right now!!)

It’s all coming together.

While we were setting up the studio, DH sat at the dinette and looked at the end wall. This is actually the back door that drops down to become a ramp to allow the motorcycle to be loaded. There are cables on each side of the ramp that will hold it level with the garage floor and it will act like a patio. Do you see the black vinyl piece that is just a little higher than the dinette table? That is a railing system that swings out to the edges of the patio. So you’re not as likely to step off the edge that way (although, if you had enough to drink, I don’t think those railings would stop you from going over!!)

Anyway, when DH was looking at the end wall he said, “I think we need to do something here.” I tried to think what he could mean, because there really isn’t a lot you can do with it. You can’t build on it, because it has to be a ramp or patio as the case may be. Likewise, you can’t paint it because it has a textured surface so that you have traction when you are loading your toys.

He continued his thought, “I think we should hang one of your quilts there – it would make it look more homey. I think I can make a hanger that we could attach when we get settled in to a place.”

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!!

He’s getting more “into” quilting every day!!!


2 thoughts on “RV Quilting

  1. Slowly, carefully, quietly we have worked our magic on him to bring your DH to the “Quilty Side.” Ha! And we especially need a quilt hanging there if we ever make our trip to Kentucky. We’ll keep working on him! See you soon, dear friend.


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