Happy Spring!

Monday was the first day of Spring and you know what that means!?!

Time for me to set some unreasonably high cleaning standards which I will start trying to implement with a “Gung-ho” attitude, but will then abandon in very short order because no one on Earth could possibly keep their house that clean!

Of course, the first order of business is to go on Pinterest and look up cleaning checklists and other helps. So I’m pinning articles with titles like “How to Keep a Clean House and Free Yourself From the Chains of Drudgery” and “Top 36 Excellent DIY Cleaning Hacks”

Because, you know, reading articles about cleaning is going to get my house sparkling clean in no time flat!!! I’m not actually cleaning any more than I usually do, I’m just reading articles about cleaning. Or, even more ridiculous, I’m pinning the articles without even reading them!!!!

Oh Yeah – I’m going to have this place ship-shape in no time flat!


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