The Camping Quilter

I mentioned some time back that DH and I had purchased our “retirement home” – a 38′ fifth wheel toyhauler (Grand Design Momentum 348m). Our plan is to travel South to escape the cold temperature during the winter. But I was never going to manage months away from my sewing studio. Somehow I am going to have to be able to have a sewing area while we are camping. And that is one reason why we upgraded to the Momentum.

Do you see the nice big area at the back of the fifth wheel (on the left of the picture)? That’s the garage. When we’re on the road, the motorcycle will be in there – the benches and table shown on the floorplan lift up to the ceiling, so the bike can fit in. Once we arrive at our destination, the bike comes out and my sewing room gets set up.

I’ll have a table for my sewing machine, the ironing station can be on the dinette table and I have another small table for the cutting mat. I’ll have to be selective in what I pack, because there isn’t unlimited storage space. There isn’t unlimited storage space in my home studio either, but that’s another issue I’ll have to deal with at a later time!!!!

DH and I were hoping to get away for a short vacay this past week but the weather made a mess of those plans. But before we decided to cancel our trip, I was trying to get all the things that we needed all ready to load into the Momentum. Of course, the first thing that I had to get ready was the sewing “stuff”!!!

I had decided to take the Blue and Cheddar quilt as one project. But there were parts of it scattered in various places so I needed to get it all together.

Here is everything ready to go into one box which can then go into the Momentum whenever we do get ready to go camping.

While I was getting everything gathered together, I was also thinking how great it was that I was making some progress on the Blue and Cheddar quilt.

I cut all the backing pieces for the blocks and layered the blocks that were already assembled.

And I cut more of the cheddar triangles needed for each block.

I was patting myself on the back, thinking that I could claim a finish on the goal of working on the Blue and Cheddar quilt (Get It Done – March 2017) But then I actually looked at how I worded that particular goal.

“Finish more blocks for the Blue and Cheddar quilt”

No, I didn’t say “make progress on the Blue and Cheddar quilt” I said, “Finish more blocks . . ”

So, with the last bit of energy that I had last night, I sat down at the machine and finished more blocks!

Two more!! But, hey, I didn’t specify how many more, did I!?!

Now the box is all packed and waiting for us to be able to take a camping trip somewhere – Yippee!!!


2 thoughts on “The Camping Quilter

  1. Love the blue and cheddar blocks! It’s going to be a great quilt! Hope this yucky snow melts away and you and Tim can get away!


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