Paying Back Peter Today

In order to get my other Black and Gold quilt finished I had to do something I don’t really care to do. I had to piece the backing. (Insert shrieking and moaning!!)

I thought I’d use the “John Flynn Method” of diagonally piecing the backing, so that I would not have a seam running vertically on the backing. That is one of the main reasons I don’t like to piece a backing – vertical seams. When the quilt is rolled up on the back bar as it is quilted, that vertical seam makes a big lump. And, somehow, I manage to mess up the quilting because of it.

So I used the diagonal backing calculator, wrestled with a few yards of fabric on the floor to get it folded on the diagonal and managed to get a piece of backing that will fit the quilt.

This is mid process, where I have cut the diagonal and pulled the pieces to the correct size. I have since sewn the seam, cut off the dog ears and layered the backing, batting and quilt top onto the frame. I had to use two different fabrics to get the size I needed. The horizontal seam where the two fabrics meet won’t make a big lump, so we’re good to go.

This method worked and I think that the diagonal seam will keep the lumps to a minimum, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to stick with ordering extra wide fabric for backings. At least for use on the Fun Quilter. When I do QAYG, I can use small pieces of fabric, so I wouldn’t need extra wide fabric for that.

This morning I finally decorated my Holiday Tree for March – Norman helped, which is why it took twice as long, since I had to keep retrieving ornaments that somehow fell on the floor. But it’s all together, and hopefully will stay that way!!


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