A Finish!!!

One of my March goals was to finish another Black and Gold quilt. I was making this one for a friend who has been having some health issues and I thought he could use some cheering up. Since he is a big Steelers fan, it was obvious that I had to make a Black and Gold quilt. But this one had to be done in a very short time, so I didn’t make it quite as elaborate as my other ones. I just cut strips and made a “Jelly Roll Race” quilt. My variation was to add the top and bottom piano key borders, since my friend is very tall and I thought he could use the extra length.

I very much wanted to have this quilt finished on Sunday, March 5, so that I could take it to church before gifting it to my friend. You see, our church has what we call a “Prayer Bear” ministry. When someone is suffering in health or spiritually, we have teddy bears that we give to them. Each teddy bear is passed through the congregation so that everyone can give it a hug and a prayer for the recipient. I wanted to do the same for the quilt. So I rolled it up, tied it with ribbon and attached a card:

If I’m going to continue making quilts that are going to be used for this ministry, I’ll have to rework the tag. My friend didn’t mind, because he knew all about the Prayer Bears. But other people would probably like a card that is specific for a quilt.

I didn’t take a picture, because no one likes their picture taken when they are ill, but my friend covered up with the quilt right away.


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