Get It Done – March 2017

Another month has flown by and it is time, once again, to review my quilting goals. And this month I’m trying something new. If anyone would like to join me in setting some goals, I’ve included a link for sharing. Please join the party and let me know what you think.

For February, I wanted to do the following:

1) 50th birthday quilt finished – So Close, but not quite. I still have to hand sew the binding to the back. Here it is getting the binding machine sewn to the front.

2) Black and Gold quilt finished – Almost, but still no cigar! The flimsy is done and I’ve got it draped over the quilting frame. But it still needs loaded, quilted and bound.

3) En Provence flimsy – DONE!!

4) Hexies – I’ve got 16 1/2 flowers to make. Then it’s just a matter of attaching all the flowers to the mothership; I’m not sure how many there are since I’ve been attaching to the mothership quite regularly. But there’s a fair size stack. So I’ll be happy with any progress because the end is in sight. DONE!! – Since I didn’t set a quantity, I am able to qualify as a finished goal even though I only managed to finish 2 1/2 hexies this month.

That’s it for the February goals. I did do some other things that might get me extra credit but I don’t have any pictures.

For March:

1) Finish the birthday quilt and the Black and Gold quilt.
2) Make another Black and Gold quilt to give to another Steeler’s fan.
3) Finish more blocks for the Blue and Cheddar quilt
4) Hexies – I’m hoping for a lot of progress this month, send me some positive energy, please!!


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3 thoughts on “Get It Done – March 2017

  1. OK, so I couldn’t figure out the link (sigh…not a computer whiz like my friend!) so I am listing my March goals here. Then we can pass one another good energy to get them done but I’m going to start small with only two goals this month: (1) start a new quilt (happy, happy, happy – it’s so much fun to start new!!) for my sister while I visit her in North Carolina. It’s an appliqued wall hanging for her new house. The applique pattern is drawn so I’m all ready to start. (2) I have been working on a hexie lap quilt for over two years now and want to finish sewing the rows together this month. I have four more rows to sew together. Then I will need to sew a border around it, but that will be next month! So get workin’ dear friend and I hope to see you in April when I get back from the sunshine 🙂


    1. Sending lots of positive energy your way so you can reach your goals. I guess I should have put some instructions with the linky. Sorry about that. Enjoy the sunshine.


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