Now What Did I Do With It

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel vis a vis the red and neutral hexie quilt. Naturally, my mind starts jumping forward to the next project. šŸ˜‰

Once the hexies are finished I actually want to get back to the Tea Leaves quilt that I started so many years ago.

I call it Tea Leaves because that is the name on the templates that I am using to make this. Another name for it is Jacob’s Coat.

Let’s see, I purchased the templates for this at the Lancaster Quilt show in March 2009. When Bev, Barb and I were planning to go to the show in March 2010, I thought I ought to at least use the templates I had purchased the year previous. So I started this some time in the first quarter of 2010. I worked on it a lot that year, but eventually my “squirrel” personality took over and I moved on to other projects.

At some point in 2010 or 2011 I purchased a mini iron, similar to this one:

Each of the colored “leaves” requires a press before it is attached to the circle. And a big iron is kind of bulky for that work. I thought this little iron would work perfectly.

And it probably would if only I could find it!!

I know for a fact that it is in this house somewhere. But Peace House is a pretty big place and there are a lot of hiding places for such a small item. In the past couple weeks, I have been attempting to go through all the storage places in this house. So far, I have had no luck finding it. I’d appreciate any positive energy to boost my chance of finding it in the very near future.

Of course, there is one other way that will guarantee that I will find it – I just have to go out and buy another one!!!


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