Sometimes You Just Have to Quilt

Yesterday was one of those days. I played hookey from life and just quilted. Well, I did do the most urgent things. If there was some housework that would put me in danger of breaking Health Codes, I took care of it. And Boss #1 had a few things that just had to be done.

But other than that, I quilted. Oh, and watched the first season of Downton Abbey on DVD!!

Despite having most of the day for quilting, I still didn’t manage to get all 16 of the En Provence blocks sewn together. I completely finished 10 and have 6 more that require one more seam. Then I’ll be able to move on to the sashing units (one of which is laid out on the design wall, here):

Let’s hope that I can spend more time in the studio each evening after working for the other Bosses, so that I can get this flimsy done!!!


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