New Year Resolution

I just fell in love with this video. Such a motivational message and such an adorable messenger!!

Today is a wonderful day for me to stay in and quilt. It’s cold outside, but DH has a fire burning to keep the house all cozy and warm. I have the units for En Provence arranged in neat piles and I could put them all together while watching the snowflakes drift lazily outside the windows. With a hot cup of tea, a piece or two of chocolate to nibble on and Norman curled up nearby it’s a perfect quilting day.

Too bad I can’t enjoy it!! Nope – I get to work for a boss that doesn’t understand this whole “quilting” thing. And the lazily drifting snow is not quite as pretty when I have to trudge through it and bundle up against it!!

I’ll just have to hope for better things over the weekend.


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