En Provence Clue #5 Progress

Click HERE to see everyone else’s progress, because mine is non existent!!

What with all the Christmas preparations and trying desperately to get the wall hanging finished, I have not done anything on En Provence since I cut the pieces for Clue #4. Hopefully I will have more time this week and can get caught up on some sewing.

Christmas After

And, now that the wallhanging has been gifted, I can show what I’ve been working on!

DS#3 needed a bigger, more colorful sign for his band “Still Brewing”, so I came up with this idea. Of course, I only thought of it at the middle of November, so I didn’t leave myself very much time to get it done. But I did get it done by some miracle that included DH taking over a lot of house cleaning duties. Hm-m-m, is there any way that I can convince him that it is urgent for me to do all this other sewing and he needs to do the cleaning!?! Anyway, I think DS was pretty happy with it.


Here’s another Red and Green quilt, since we’re still in the Christmas spirit.

3 thoughts on “En Provence Clue #5 Progress

  1. Love the banner for DS3! You did it! Somehow we always manage to get these last minute gifts ready even if we still have a LITTLE sewing left on them.


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