En Provence Clue #4

Whew! What a busy week! Last week just flew by! Between school programs, bad weather, bosses that expect me to go into work and trying to finish a wall hanging from hell, I have not had much “extra” time.

First the fun – DH and I got to go watch DGC#5 at his school program. This is a photo from his class presentation. He was also playing the snare drum in the band. It’s always fun to watch the children perform – they are so cute!!

Second the not so fun – Between bad weather which caused our power to go out not once but twice, and the bosses all clamoring for more hours so that they can get their things done (which doesn’t leave me much time to get my things done) I’ve been running ragged.

I wanted DH to take a photo of me when the power was out as I was trying to get some sewing done. I couldn’t fuse any pieces on the wallhanging so I decided to sew the borders on. Boss #2 had just given me a head lamp flashlight (you know, it has straps to hold it on your head so that your hands are free) I was using that for light. And I can sew with Lucy ( my grandmother’s Singer 15-91) albeit very slowly, by turning the flywheel by hand. I managed to get two borders sewn on before my hand cranking arm gave out! For a girl who has five (count them 5!!) treadle machines you would think I could have used one of them. But since I haven’t got one single belt, I couldn’t use any of them! I think it’s time I started getting them refurbished.

When the power finally came back on, I was able to get everything fused, so now all I have to do is the quilting, then add a few embellishments and it will be done!!

On Friday, I was up early to check out clue #4, but didn’t have time to do anything more than that. Saturday morning I managed to cut all the pieces. But then the power went out and I didn’t want to sew hundreds of little pieces together. So this is where I am with clue #4 right now:

They’re all ready to sew, I just have to make some time for it.

But today is tied up with this:

31 years ago today, DS#3 was born (how is that possible!?!) We’ll be having dinner here and I need to go out and get what is needed for the meal and then cook up a storm.

Not much time for sewing today.

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PS – another pretty green and red quilt

4 thoughts on “En Provence Clue #4

  1. My son just turned 31, too.
    Hope you can get a treadle working before your next power failure. I took advantage of mine in a recent blackout, until it got too dark to sew. I need a head torch!


  2. It’s crazy time at our house, too! This is my first Christmas in retirement and I thought I would have lots of time to do things. Ha! Keep going, Girl! Only a few more days. Hope you enjoyed your son’s birthday. They grow up too fast 🙂


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