En Provence – Progress on Clue 3

I didn’t get to sew very much of the mystery quilt over the weekend. Getting some clue #3 units finished for this morning was looking pretty bleak. I had managed to cut all the strips I needed and I had sewn those strips together. I had even been able to sub cut the sewn strips in preparation for sewing the four patches together.

But, as of Sunday evening, I hadn’t actually sewn any four patches together.

Then, at a ridiculously early hour, my inner alarm clock went off and I just couldn’t sleep any more (believe me, I wanted to!)

So, what’s a girl to do!?!

I went in the studio and started sewing.

I only managed to sew and press half the units needed before DH woke up and I had to move on to other things, but that’s a good start.

One reason why I didn’t get to the MQ was because the Heritage Quilters had their Christmas dinner yesterday afternoon. What a wonderful day! It was so nice of Lynn to open up her home to all of us. And it was really nice to be able to sit and visit with everyone while enjoying a delicious meal. I finished my blocks (yes, I made 2) for the drawing:

Mary Hannah won all the blocks – lucky girl!!

Another reason why I didn’t sew on the MQ was because I was agonizing over the details on the wall hanging. I’ll be posting pictures as soon as it is gifted, but for now you will just have to take my word for it that this is probably the most difficult project I’ve ever started. Not so much because of the actual work. I’m just doing a fusible applique since it is a wall hanging and won’t be used and abused like a bed or lap quilt.

No, the agony is from getting the design details to work together.

My studio, which I had straightened up fairly nicely before Thanksgiving, is now in utter chaos! I’ve pulled out so many fabric choices, which I then reject, but somehow they don’t get back on the shelf. Then there is the fusing area – bits of fabric trimmmed, bits of fusible all over the place and the silicone pressing sheet never right at hand when I need it (how did it get over there!?!)

Then there is the lettering – Yes, there is lettering on this wall hanging!! Do you know how long it can take to get one letter drawn just right!?! Two hours!!! First it just doesn’t look right, then it’s a little too small, then it’s a little too fat. Then, when it’s just right you draw it on the fusible only to realize that you were supposed to draw it in reverse so that it will show up correctly on the quilt!

Well, that’s what was happening over my weekend – hope everyone else had a good one!!

Oops! Almost forgot the link to Bonnie’s blog. Click HERE


PS – another red and green quilt

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