En Provence Clue #3 is here


Clue #3 seems to be fairly easy. It’s four patches again, only with light and dark purples. Since I’m using Civil War reproduction fabric and there aren’t many light purples in that genre, I am using a double pink instead of light purple. I’m hoping pretty sure that it will turn out lovely.

I was able to cut the strips needed before I had to leave for work. I hope I’ll be able to squeeze in some sewing time this weekend to get them all sewn, pressed, sub cut, sewn again and pressed again. Check back on Monday to see how well I managed that and check the links to everyone else’s progress.

In other quilting news – the wall hanging that I want to finish this month is coming along nicely. I’ve pulled fabric, cut some basic shapes and put them on the design wall. Decided I didn’t like the fabrics I started out with. Went back into the stash and found some other fabric, cut some basic shapes and put them on the design wall. Decided that those fabrics were working much better. Added a few more pieces – now it’s starting to look like what I want. Even DH can see the design I’m going for! I must be doing something right.

I am really hoping that I can get this done before Christmas and then can give it as a gift. But I’m not going to stress about it and will do what I can do because the process is a slow one. Since I have no pattern and it is an art quilt (as opposed to a traditional block pattern quilt) I have to do a lot of contemplating of each step before I move on to the next, making sure that the proportion and color of each piece is working. Not my usual “zipping through” style, so I agonize.

Speaking of agony – once again I joined in with the ladies in my quilt group to make a Christmas block. We each make a block with fabric provided then, at our Christmas dinner, we each get to put our name in a drawing. The winner gets all the blocks to make into their very own Christmas quilt. This year the fabrics were shades of blue and white. I have struggled with the design of this one block for a few months now and finally came up with a paper pieced design that I thought would look nice. Our Christmas dinner is this Sunday. I have eight of the sixteen sections pieced. I have to piece eight more sections and then put together all sixteen into a block. Did I mention that our dinner is THIS Sunday!?! I am either going to have to devote all my waking hours to sewing or some sewing elves are going to have to drop into the studio at night and get these projects finished!

Since sewing elves have never graced me with their presence, I guess I better get my tushie in gear and do a lot of sewing!!!


PS – Here’s another inspiring Red and Green quilt for Christmas.


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