En Provence Clue #2

Lake with fog and Instagram effect
Lake with fog and Instagram effect

Progress is being made! So far, I have been able to keep up with the clues for En Provence. The four patches in clue #1 were very easy for me. I’ve learned so much from Bonnie about making sure that my seams are accurate and also my cutting. So I didn’t run into any major problems with it.

Then clue #2 came out. I’ve used the tri recs ruler before and had fair results with it. But I read the instructions in the clue, then did a sample unit to make sure my measurements were correct. Once I was confident that the units were going to turn out correctly I just had to make 100 of them!

But I had to work for Boss #2 so I didn’t get very much done on Friday. In the evening I was able to cut the pieces and I think I sewed a few seams, before my bobbin and my steam ran out!

Fortunately for me, on Saturday one of my QFFs, Barb, was able to spend a little time sewing with me. We met at the LQS (which was having a sale) to do a little fabric purchasing – Honest, I HAD to, I was buying for the Hospice quilt!!

Then we came back to Peace House, set up and went to town. Barb was able to cut almost all the neutral strips needed for clue #1 and #2. And I got all the Tri Rec units sewn together and pressed.


I still had to do a tiny bit of sliver trimming, which I am hoping to finish today.

Woo-hoo!! “Fist Pump”

Oh, I guess I should let everyone in on the final decision for the colors. The “voting” was pretty evenly spread between each of the choices I had come up with and I still couldn’t make up my mind, although I was leaning towards the lower contrast group.

Then I was checking out Facebook, where I belong to the Quiltville Open Studio group. Someone had posted about Whittles.com selling fabric bundles specifically for Bonnie’s mystery and that there were different color ways to choose from. I peeked in at Whittles, and sure enough there were two different bundles for the mystery – one in colors that Bonnie had picked out and one in Civil War reproductions. O-o-o-h!

No need for me to purchase a fabric bundle – I just started looking through my repro fabrics and came up with some I liked:


Since there are very few lavender reproductions, I did what Whittles did and used a double pink for the lavender and then switched the magenta to a red. I’m really happy with this combo and can’t wait to see how this all works together.

Oops! I almost forgot to add the link to Bonnie’s blog so you can see how everyone else is doing. Click HERE

Now I better get back to all the work that needs done around here – Christmas will be here before you know it!!



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