En Provence – Clue One

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday evening. Wow!! What a party!! There were 28 people here, ranging from 1 year to 88. I was slightly concerned that we might run out of some food (one DGC is a 14 year old young man and he can eat quite a bit), but we had plenty. But I was so busy, first with fixing food and then with visiting with family that I never took one single picture.



We had a marvelous time getting caught up on what everyone is doing, sharing funny stories, etc. The young children were very entertaining and they all had a blast running around the house! Oh my, did they ever run all around the house!!! Up and down the stairs and circling all around the rooms that are interconnected. Thankfully, Peace House is a big house, so the adults could visit in (relative) peace, while the kids could be kids and have a rowdy good time.

After all the chaos fun was over, it was time to concentrate on the really important thing – getting clue #1 finished!!!

I had already warned DH that I was not going to do anything on Sunday except relax, which, of course, means sewing! On Friday, I was able to see the clue when it was first released. Then, in between all the advance food prep, I managed to cut all the strips I needed. It was pretty easy because I only used two neutral fabrics. I had decided to use only one fabric per color, but then Bonnie had us making an all neutral four patch, so I decided to search the stash to find another piece of neutral that was a little different from the first piece I had picked out. That way, even though it’s not as scrappy as Bonnie’s, it also is not just a plain square.

Friday evening, after all the advance prep was done and the kitchen was cleaned up, I sat down and sewed all the strips together and then did the sub cutting. So on Sunday, I was able to sew the units, spin the seams and press them.


The sun was setting before I had them all pressed, but I wanted to get a picture of all of them. In the evening, I sat with DH watching a little TV and pinned all the units into 10s so that I could make sure I had made enough. I actually wound up with 10 extra!

I’m linking up with Bonnie’s blog to share my progress. Click HERE to sew what everyone else is doing.

Now I have to wait until Friday morning before clue #2 comes out. Whatever am I going to do until then!?! Well, it’s the end of the month, so I get to do invoicing for DH. I also have my other two bosses to work for. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can start decorating for Christmas!

And I can always sew more nine patches for the Blue and Cheddar quilt!

Yeah, I think I’ll be able to keep busy until Friday morning!



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