Get it Done – September 2016

I know I was MIA for most of August. A lot of that was because of all these freakin’ bosses. They keep asking for more and more work to be done. Don’t they understand that I have much more important things to do!?! I mean, I have got urgent quilting that needs to be done!!!


Another reason I haven’t been available very much has to do with the photo above. DH surprised me with a week at the Outer Banks! That is the view we had from the place where we were staying.

We had a lovely time, but then the week after we came home was REALLY crazy, trying to get caught up on all the work!!

But now I’m getting back to “normal” (whatever that means!!) And it’s the beginning of another month, so I need to review last month’s goals and list four new ones.

For August I wanted to:

1) Quilt the birthday quilt – Jeez! It’s still not done.

2) Finish Aqua Ocean Waves to flimsy stage – DONE!

3) Finish Healing Quilt – DONE!

4) 10 Hexie flowers – DONE!

75% completion isn’t too bad. Can I get extra credit for the work I did on the Blue and cheddar quilt?

For September, I’d like to get the following done:


2) Make more Blue and Cheddar blocks ( I have 18 blocks right now. Maybe make 20 more!?!)

3) Finish at least one of the donation quilts that DGC#3 and I have been working on all summer.

4) 10 Hexie flowers – I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel on this one. I can’t wait to reveal it once it’s finished!

Sorry about the lack of photos, I was trying to post from my phone and it was taking forever for one picture to load. I didn’t have time to try to get more on here.


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