Get it Done – September 2016


I’d really like to get my act together and be able to post on the blog regularly. I have all kinds of good intentions to get right to it, then life decides I need something else to do. Admittedly, life mostly decides on something with the family and that’s a good thing. I’ve spent the past two weekends with family and friends just playing out in the sunshine!! But life also tells me I have to work for all the Bosses and the Bosses are all wanting more and more things done! It doesn’t leave much time for quilting.

I have managed to get some of the goals for August finished – Yay!!

Let’s review:

1) Okay, once more I’m going to try to get Aqua Ocean Waves to the flimsy stage. – I have to put a border on it and the flimsy will be done. So this goal is not quite complete.
2) I’m going to put the 50th birthday quilt on the list again – maybe I can get it quilted this time. – Well, I loaded it on the frame, but I never did any quilting. So there is another not done.
3) Put together project board (I’ll describe in detail after the list.) – I did get this done!!! I don’t have a photo (because I’m using Boss #2’s computer when I’m supposed to be working – Sh-h-h don’t tell him!!!)
4) 10 more flowers – Oh yeah, this is DONE. I have not only sewn 10 flowers together, I’ve cut all the pieces for the remaining flowers that are needed to complete this quilt!!

Only 50% completion and no extra credit – Yikes! I better get on the ball.

Quickly, here are the four goals for September:
1) Border on Aqua Ocean Waves
2) Quilt 50th birthday quilt
3) Healing quilt finished (this has been a challenge that I have struggled with. I want to get this particular monkey off my back!!!)
4) 10 more flowers

Okay, since I’m at work, I better finish up now.


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