Bonnie’s Leader/Ender Challenge

Every year in July, for as long as I’ve been a fan of Bonnie, she has issued a Leader/Ender challenge. I did the “Lozenge” challenge year before last and really like how it turned out.

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for taking this photo of my quilt. Lozenge L/E
Thank you Bonnie Hunter for taking this photo of my quilt. Lozenge L/E

If you’ve never heard of Leader/Enders you can go to her blog (there’s a link on the left sidebar – the one with a red heart that says “take me to Quiltville”). Under Tips and Techniques you will find a link that explains the whole Leader/Ender concept.

So at the beginning of July a lot of us “Bonniacs” started waiting anxiously for the challenge to be issued. And we waited and we waited. We tried to be patient for the most part, because we knew that Bonnie was busy, and she’s always come through when she promises something. And she did promise that she would be giving us the challenge sometime in July.

It was almost like when I was a kid waiting for Christmas. The anticipation just kept building and building. Every morning I rushed to the computer to take a look at Bonnie’s blog. “Surely today would be the day.” I’d think. And, sadly, there wouldn’t be anything about the challenge. There were long conversations on Quiltville’s Facebook page – speculating about what it would be, reminiscing about previous challenges, asking if we’d missed it somehow, etc.

And then, finally, on Monday, July 18 at 10:10 am, this:

hourglass badge



Lady thinking


Lady thinking 2

Ah, I’m not so sure about this.

Lady frowning

I’m not criticizing Bonnie by any stretch of the imagination, but this just isn’t doing much for me. I kind of feel just like I did as a kid on Christmas morning. After all the anticipation about the wonderful things I’d be getting and then I open up a big, beautifully wrapped gift and it’s . . . .


Yes, thank you, I needed socks and it’s even pretty socks, but it’s just . . . . . socks.

Crying Christmas

I’ve decided that I am not going to join in the challenge this year. I have too many other projects that need to be finished before I start something else. Instead, I’m going to make 400 Blue and Neutral nine patches as Leader/Enders while I work on other projects. Then I’ll be able to put together the blocks for the Blue and Cheddar quilt.

I think that is a good solution. I have my own Leader/Ender challenge. I haven’t started yet another project to add to the list. And I’ll get moving on the Blue and Cheddar quilt sooner than I thought I would. Win – Win – Win!!!


2 thoughts on “Bonnie’s Leader/Ender Challenge

  1. I’m not joining this year either. Cindy is doing a block swap. And I’ve decided that will be my leader ender parts this year. Glad I’m not the only one that jumped off the wagon. Peace and love hope your all doing well. The lady in blue


    1. Hey Sheri,

      I was just thinking about you and Karla the other day and wondering how you were doing. Maybe sometime you two could plan a trip down here and stay at Peace House for some dedicated quilting time. Cheryl


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