Making Progress


I didn’t get as much done on the Aqua Ocean Waves quilt as I though I would, but I did get some done. That was my biggest fear when I discovered that my pinwheel blocks needed to be resewn. I thought I would stall out and not work on it. Then it would wind up sitting in time out for an unknown period of time until I could get motivated to start up with it again.

But I’m not letting that happen. I’ve got two of the blocks completely redone and seven more that just need to have the two halves sewn together. Then I can start sewing the blocks into a flimsy!! Yay!!

But before I can get into sewing, I have to work for Boss #3 today.


One thought on “Making Progress

  1. Oh my! Just had a chance to look at your blog today. Looks like you’ve already made your decision and are on the way to getting it done. I know how much you hate to unsew but I also know it would have bothered you every time you looked at the quilt if you let it go. Good decision!


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